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  • Pneumatic Cartridge Loaders

    are ruggedly built mechanical machines designed to propel explosive cartridges (water gels and emulsions) into the borehole.

    These loaders excell in loading upholes but can load bore holes in any orientation up to 61m (200ft) in length.

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  • ANFO Tanks

    are pressurized vessels used for loading AN-FO (Ammonium nitrate-fuel oil mixture). The AN-FO mixture is forced out of the pressurized holding tank and propelled down a length of semi-conductive loading hose into the bore hole.

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  • Semi-Conductive Loading Hose

    also known as anti-static loading hose, limits the build-up of static electricity by providing a safe path for static charge dissipation to ground. Semi-conductive loading hose is required when pneumatically loading bulk explosives such as AN-FO or cartridge explosives.

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  • Aluminum Hose Connectors

    Aluminum hose connectors are used to attach the semi-conductive loading hose to the pneumatic cartridge loader body or ANFO tanks.

    These connectors make equipment setup and quick and easy.

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