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Pneumatic AN-FO Tank Loaders

Each pressure vessel is designed, registered, manufactured, tested and certified to the latest edition of the "A.S.M.E. code, section VIII". All of our pressure vessels also meet the requirements of the "O.H.S.A. and regulations for Mines and Mining Plants, PART VI  EXPLOSIVES".

All of our An-Fo tank loaders are manufactured with 99% stainless steel. This extends the life span of the loader in harsh mining conditions.

Manual An-Fo Tank

Manual ANFO Tank Loader

This model of Anfo charger consists of a 125 lbs capacity stainless steel pressure vessel, with manual operated closure and a three legged stainless steel stand.

The large filler neck on top of the vessel makes loading product easy and reduces product spillage.

A standard mine air hose is used for the air supply connection. Then all functions of the An-Fo loader are controlled by means of the front mounted ball valves.

Mine air connection Filler Neck
Remote Controlled An-Fo Tank

Remote Controlled AN-FO Tank Loader

Our remote operation valve package allows for increased productivity, and ease of operation. This achieved by a single operator being able to control the drill hole flushing and loading right at the rock face. The four position control valve that remotely controls the functions of the An-Fo charger can easily be mounted onto an operator’s belt.

A pneumatically controlled 1-1/2” ball valve controls product feed into the fluidizing stream of air. A manual screw located on the bottom of the feed valve allows adjustment from full open to 60%. Fluidizing and Flushing air volume may be adjusted and set with a manual ball valve mounted on the charger. The operator may select the fluidizing air without activating the feed valve. This allows two selectable air volumes for flushing holes. The lower volume / pressure fluidizing air may be selected to start the flushing operation then finishing with the higher pressure / volume flushing air. Thus reducing the huge gush of water from the drill hole at the start.

A stainless steel manifold provides a compact package with long life operation. A manifold type of pressure regulator is mounted to the end of the manifold, used to adjust the tank and fluidizing pressure. A check valve located inside the manifold prevents the blow back of product into the regulator.

Air Regulator Remote Controll Valve

All fittings where possible are stainless steel. The pilot circuit air is 1/4" OD plastic tubing with "Push to Connect" type fittings. All others are of the hose barb design. The hose connecting the remote control rotary hand valve is 25 ft long and houses three small pilot lines. The hand valve blocks the flow of air in the small pilot hose causing the selected function to activate.


  Manual AN-FO Loader PN# CBAC125M Remote Controlled AN-FO Loader PN#CBAC125R1
AIR SUPPLY PRESSURE 85 to 100 PSI (Mine Air) 85 to 100 PSI (Mine Air)
AIR SUPPLY CONNECTION Standard Mine Air Hose Standard Mine Air Hose
DRILL HOLE DIAMETER 32 to 90 mm (1-1/4" to 3-1/2") 32 to 90 mm (1-1/4" to 3-1/2")
LOADING HOSE DIAMETER 5/8”, 3/4”, 1” 5/8”, 3/4”, 1”
DRILL HOLE LENGTH 60m (200’) 60m (200’)
LOADING HOSE LENGTH 20 - 200 ft 20 - 200 ft
LOADINH HOSE STYLE Smooth Bore Loading Hose Smooth Bore Loading Hose
CAPACITY OF TANK 125 lbs AN-FO Product 125 lbs AN-FO Product
CHARGER WEIGHT 160 lbs 160 lbs

AN-FO Tank Loading Hose


The An-Fo charger uses a semi-conductive loading hose with an inside diameter of 5/8”, 3/4”, or 1”. The loading hose is quickly connected to either style of An-Fo charger using a cam and groove lock connector. Hose and hose connector are purchased separately.

Standard hose length is 200 ft. The hose can be supplied in any desired length to suit the depth of the borehole. Great care should be taken to avoid kinking and flattening of hose during use, and for storage it should be coiled to a diameter of not less than 6 feet (1.8 m).

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