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Recomended Spare Parts

The following recommend spare parts and quantities are what typically would be suggested for a customer in a remote location or situated outside of North America. The order of importance is highest at the top of the list in a descending order. This is helpful if you have to adhere to a set budget.

At the bottom of the list of spare parts is the TA201R Air Valve complete assembly. Some of our customers prefer to have a complete spare air valve to send underground if the loader has a problem rather than sending multiple parts.

CB32 and CB32RM specific parts: Part # Description QTY
Flap for CB32R
TA806R Flap (Front and Rear) 4
TA807 Flap Axle 2
TA808 Flap Axle Spacer 12
TA824R Seal for Flap 6
CB42R specific parts: Part # Description QTY
Flap for CB42R
TA906R Flap (Front and Rear) 4
TA907 Flap Axle 2
TA908 Flap Axle Spacer 12
TA924R Seal for Flap 6
Parts common to all loader models: Part # Description QTY
Spare parts
TA862R Trigger 2
TA227 Trigger Spring 2
TA216R Trigger Pin 2
TA202R Manal Cycle Button 1
Spare parts
TS100 Loctite Primer 1
TS200 Loctite Glue 1
Spare parts
TA853 Gauge 1
TA512 Quick Exhaust Valve 1
Spare parts
TA214R Slide Return Spring 2
TA207R Red Slide Seal 1
TA2052 Cylinder Lid Oring 2
Spare parts
TA239 Short Screws 2
TA240 Long Screw 2
Spare parts
TA241 Air Block Valve Gasket 1
TA201R Valve Complete 1